Real-time Conversations Crucial for Networking in a Virtual World

Nancy Settle-Murphy and Patti Anklam

Making and sustaining connections is much easier when you can catch someone in the hallway or cafeteria for an ad hoc conversation that can build naturally into some type of shared work. In the virtual world, however, you must thoroughly plan every conversation to make sure that participants are convinced that taking any future steps will be worth their while. After all, you have very little time to build an initial connection that will extend beyond that first meeting. Here are some steps to help you forge meaningful new connections for your virtual network through well-planned conversations.

Forging meaningful new relationships in the virtual world, especially when we're reaching out to those outside of our usual working circle, takes considerable planning, effort, and tenacity. To form a valuable new network connection, we need to have real conversations. Persuading each other of the potential value of such conversations is often a tough sell, but one that will be rewarded if you can identify an opportunity and take action in ways that will pay off for both of you.

About the Authors
Nancy Settle-Murphy is founder, president, and principal consultant for Chrysalis International Inc., a facilitation, training and strategic communications consulting firm based in Boxborough, Massachusetts. Please visit her web site at for related articles and tips.
Patti Anklam specializes in analyzing, creating and sustaining networks across organizational boundaries.

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