The Overwhelmed Office
Six Fixes for the Stressed-Out, Productivity-Challenged Workplace

Pittsburgh, PA (May 15, 2006)--Lately, you feel a palpable sense of stress when you walk into your office. People are tense and not smiling. Nerves are stretched to the breaking point. Everyone operates in marathon mode, getting into the office early, working through lunch, and putting in one late night after another. And yet, despite the jackrabbit pace, important tasks aren't getting done. That's not surprising, says Joanne G. Sujansky, CEO of KEYGroup®. There is a strong link between stress and lack of productivity--and the problem is more widespread than you might think.

"Busy-ness does not equal productivity," Sujansky says. "In fact, frantic, disorderly activity is counterproductive to your organization's goals. Not only is too much stress incompatible with the vibrant, creative environment a company needs to stay competitive in our intense marketplace, but it actually makes employees sick. And according to a recent survey we commissioned, nearly one in five employees confirms that stress hinders their job performance."

The Internet-based survey--carried out by Zoomerang--included questions regarding disconnect between management and workers, frequency of performance feedback, and the amount of unnecessary stress on the job, among others.

The 1,727 men and women who took the survey ranged in age from 18 to 64, had varying levels of education, and lived all over the United States. While they work in varying occupations, the majority of respondents classified themselves as "Middle Management," "Office & Administrative," and "Professional."

In evaluating the statement My productivity on the job suffers because the company causes unnecessary stress, 19 percent of participants expressed agreement.

So if you suspect your employees would jump on the "unnecessary stress" train, what can you do? Sujansky offers the following suggestions:

"Stress is probably the central issue in today's work world," says Sujansky. "We're all trying to figure out how to get more and more done in the face of lean budgets, a global army of competitors and a 24/7 flow of information. That's why you must make the S-word a priority. Mastering it is the key to keeping productivity high--and keeping your company viable in the 21st century."

About the Author
For more than twenty-five years, Joanne G. Sujansky, Ph.D., CSP (Certified Speaking Professional), has been helping leaders to increase business growth and profitability by creating and sustaining what she calls a Vibrant Entrepreneurial Organization. Her expertise, insight, wisdom, humor, and practical solutions have made Joanne a highly sought-after speaker for keynote addresses, seminars, conferences and workshops. She has brought fresh concepts and effective techniques to executives and audiences in over thirty countries around the globe.