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Enterprise-Scale Agile Software Development

James Schiel

James Schiel, a certified Scrum trainer and member of the Scrum Alliance, draws from his experience at the helm of that global four-year project to guide you and your organization through the transition. He lends his insight on how you can use Scrum as an organizational framework and implement XP practices to define how software is written and tested. He provides key information and tools to assess potential outcomes and then make the best corresponding choices in any given situation.

Schiel sequences chapters to match typical developmental progression, and in addition to practical guidance, he provides a tool kit from which you can take ideas and select what works for you. Covering quality development practices based on ISO 9001, which help you create consistently high-quality software in a cost-efficient manner, t his invaluable resource shows you how to:

  • Improve project management practices and product quality assurance
  • Adopt new management methods and requirements
  • Involve your current customers in development, while inviting new ones

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The Method Framework for Engineering System Architectures Process Improvement with CMMI® v1.2 and ISO Standards Designing Complex Systems: Foundations of Design in the Functional Domain Security Software Development: Assessing and Managing Security Risks Essential Software Testing: A Use-Case Approach

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Interpreting the CMMI ®: A Process Improvement Approach, Second Edition Software Testing: A Craftsman's Approach, Third Edition Patterns for Performance and Operability: Building and Testing Enterprise Software Elements of Compiler Design Grid Application Systems Design

Service-Oriented Architecture: SOA Strategy, Methodology, and Technology Design Science Research Methods and Patterns: Innovating Information and Communication Technology Building Software: A Practitioner's Guide Implementing Electronic Document and Record Management Systems Strategic Software Engineering: An Interdisciplinary Approach

Software Engineering Foundations: A Software Science Perspective Testing Code Security Effective Software Maintenance and Evolution: A Reuse-Based Approach Six Sigma Software Development, Second Edition The Art of Software Modeling

Applied Software Risk Management: A Guide for Software Project Managers Programming Language Fundamentals by Example The Handbook of Mobile Middleware Service Oriented Enterprises Global Software Development Handbook

The Debugger's Handbook Process-Based Software Project Management Modeling Software with Finite State Machines: A Practical Approach Software Sizing, Estimation, and Risk Management: When Performance is Measured Performance Improves Database Development and Management

Embedded Linux System Design and Development Accelerating Process Improvement Using Agile Techniques Antipatterns: Identification, Refactoring, and Management UML for Developing Knowledge Management Systems Software Engineering Quality Practices

Software Specification and Design: An Engineering Approach Successful Packaged Software Implementation Defining and Deploying Software Processes Flexible Software Design: Systems Development for Changing Requirements The ROI from Software Quality

Reducing Risk with Software Process Improvement Software Requirements: Encapsulation, Quality, and Reuse

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